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JKB50/45-30 Compact Double Stage Vacuum Extruder

Product characteristic
    The machine deploys the automatic core adjustment structures the principal axis, which will never break and bow the head. The casing is welded with entire steel sheet, featuring super tire rigidity. The machine features the characteristics of novel structure, advanced technology, high productivity, huge extrusion pressure, high vacuity, double clay bars and semi-hard molding and hard molding extrusion formation. It is suitable for the production of high aperture rate hollow brick, high adulteration fly ash agglomeration brick and the production with gangue, shale, low plasticity clay, etc.

Main technical parameters

Item Units measuremen JKB50/45-30
Capacity standard brick/h 12000-16000
Reamer diameter mm 500/450
Max extrusion pressure MPa 2.5-3.0
Vacuum degree MPa ≥0.092
Power kW 132-160
Size mm 6625×1800×1608
Weight Kg 16000


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