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JKB45/40-30 Compact Double Stage Vacuum Extruder


Product characteristic
    This Extruder is an extruding & shaping device for hollow brick production line. It is suitable for hollow bricks with highly ratios hole, sintering bricks highly contained fly ash, low plastic glues soil brick, as well as the production of gangue and shale bricks. It enjoys many advantages: structure novel, technique advanced, high extruding, big capacity, highly vacuum degree, so it can instead of imported equipment. It is controlled by air clutch and is sensitive, convenient and reliable. It has been named excellent product by national authority department. It is exported to Bangladesh, Sudan, Egypt and so on, and gaining the high appreciation.

Main technical parameters

Item Units measurement JKB45/40
Capacity standard brick/h 10000-12000
Diameter of reamer mm 450/400

Maximum extrusion pressure

Mpa 2.5-3.0
Vacuum degree Mpa ≥0.092
Power kW 110-132
Size mm 6470×1400×1460
Weight Kg 12000-15000

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